Environments can optionally be configured to require approval for the first launch and all terminations of Farms. This is done via an integration Endpoint that will send approval requests to an external approvals system, such as ServiceNow.

Before configuring approvals on a Environment a Webhook handler and Endpoint must be set up. Please see Webhooks and Endpoints for more details.

Once the Endpoint is configured select the “Approvals” tab on the Environment and configure the Approval as shown.

  • Endpoint - The previously configured Endpoint for the Approval Webhook handler
  • First Launch - Toggle this on to require approval for the first launch of a Farm. Subsequent launches do not require approval.
  • Terminate - Toggle this on to require approval for all Farm Terminations.

Farm Status and Events

In conjunction with Approvals there are new Farm statuses and Farm level events.

For example when a Farm is launched and requires approval it will enter “Pending Launch” state as shown below.


There is a similar “Pending Terminate” status.

These new statuses have corresponding events which can be viewed via the “Event Log” accessed from the Farm menu MENU on the Farm list.


Approvals History

The history of approval requests and the responses can be viewed from the Approvals History menu item via the main menu MENU_ENV.

../_images/approval_hist_menu.png ../_images/approval_hist.png